My name is Matt and I design things.



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Libertarian Party of Utah

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Storm of Fire

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Lightning Puncher

Gary Johnson for President



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Joe Buchman for Senate

About Matt

When he’s not out fighting crime or playing doctor in the ER, Matt Chadbourne is being creative. His passions and hobbies include: design, music (writing and listening), movies, acting, writing, eating, and being a compassionate soul who refers to himself in the third person.

At a very young age, Matt found himself confused about what he wanted to be in life. From a clown to a cat doctor (not a vet), Matt was indecisive. It wasn’t until he was about 15 that he knew that he had a forte for "The Digital." While in high school, Matt won several awards in graphic and user interface design — he had finally found his place and furthered his education throughout college.

You might be wondering about the nickname "Fatty Matty." Well, the moniker was given to Matt in High School and throughout the first half of College while he was at a point of his life where you could say he was plump and bubbly. Now, a few years later and much healthier, the name still sticks, as well as the bubbly.

Throughout his professional career, Matt has had the opportunity to work on a diverse array of projects. From One on One Marketing to SolutionReach to MX, he hasn't missed out on any excitement or opportunity to expand his skillset and knowledge. He also throws monster work-parties.

Matt enjoys bright colors (mostly green), imperfect shapes, sans serif fonts (like Gotham and Knockout), the option to type a code once and paste it in another project later, practicing healthy habits and fitness, things considered delightful, and you!

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